Monday, September 22, 2008

Windmill Closeup

Country Pics

Prairie dog posing for the camera.

A pasture pond in the hills north of Palisade.

This wildflower grows in low spots, such as in ditches, where rainwater accumulates.

These wildflowers can be seen in the prairie pastures and are numerous this year.


In memory of my Dad, Van O. Peterson, farmer/rancher 1928-1997.

Watchman of prairie dog and pasture grass,
what do you guard today? Rugged and proud
sentry of wood and steel, watching when
westerly winds waft o'er the plains.

Solitary giant pumping water
to parched land, thirsty cattle and dry
human hearts. Head into the wind, no storm
cellar ot hide your face when tornadoes

pummel the soft earth. Weather-beaten
survivor of sun, wind and blizzarding
snow. Antiquated silhoueete at
setting sun, won't you watch for me?

~Tami Peterson Vrbas, 2005