Friday, November 14, 2008

You Were Early and I am Late

You missed shinnying up the apple tree,
cowboys and Indians, skinned up knees,
"come out now, ollie, ollie, oxen free,"
because you were early, and I am late.

No tattling and catching big fish,
summer star gazing and making a wish,
grownup plans to accomplish;
see, you were early and I am late.

Melancholy regrets float on thin air -
tossing baseballs and pulling my hair.
I wonder if your hair was also fair?
Bro, you were early and I am late.

My reluctant brother, if you're able,
save me a seat at the Lamb's table;
but Fate spoke first and wrote this fable,
for you were early and I am late.

I dedicate this to my older brother, Kent Eugene,
born Sept. 11, 1952 - Sept. 12, 1952.

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Blackmans said...

This one made me cry!