Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas Present

We went Christmas shopping on Saturday, and we bought a present that we both can use and enjoy. (Well, I'm not sure about the "enjoy" part.) The treadmill is set up, now, and neither of us have any more excuses to put off walking for our health! It is going to come in handy, since the five-day weather forecast is rain, turning to snow.

I have fulfilled 3 days walking, a bit of progress to be sure; it is that many times more than before. I have to almost trick myself into doing it, by just telling myself to get started. I don't want to stop after the first 5 minutes.

I'm trying to act as if I like it, in the hopes I will change my mind. I am willing to be willing to be convinced, by cracking my mind open a little bit. Truth is, I like the result, and so I keep putting on my walking shoes. I keep moving. For now, I am of the belief that this body I live in needs and deserves a chance to feel better, and so I am not willing to give up. I press on.

Change is hard, but not changing is more painful. Just for today, I am willing to do what I can to keep changing in a good orderly direction toward my goal. I will renew that goal every day to focus on the goal of good health, doing what I can while it is today.

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Wild Things said...

Good for you! Our treadmill is set up downstairs across from the tv. With the roman chair and the bike. The idea is to watch tv while we walk or ride. I have to kick my butt to get down there but like you once I am there I don't mind at all. Aren't we silly at times?