Monday, January 12, 2009

Walking the Dogs

I have found it is difficult to stay motivated, to get out there everyday and walk for my health this winter, so last week when I took the dogs to be groomed, I learned our cocker spaniel, Maggie, had gained 4 and 1/2 pounds since summer! Sampson, our min-schnauzer had gained 1 pound. Yikes! The dogs are becoming like their owner!

Thursday morning I took each out for a 15 minute walk, or strut! Whew! I had trouble keeping up; they really like to stretch it out and make it burn! And even though it was 24 degrees outside, I was sweating profusely.

There wasn't time on Friday, but I took them out again for a longer walk on Saturday afternoon. It was glorious to walk in the sunshine with my happy dogs. Somehow, this has motivated me to get out there for them, too, which is additional motivation that I was really needing.

I am also celebrating the fact that last week I bought 3 new jeans in a smaller size. Hey, I beat myself up in the past everytime I gained an ounce, so the turnaround new habit I'm keeping, is that I am celebrating and savoring each new success. Hurray!

But, I have one question. How do you get a dog to workout on the treadmill when the weather is too nasty, when I have problems making myself "just do it?" They love to lay on the floor and watch me walk in place on that strange contraption. I have my fans!!

And so, I am quite grateful for this added motivation that has come to me. It is a gift, disguised as a problem, but as I unwrap it, it has become a bit of a prod to my reluctance (big word for laziness). And so I keep on walking with the dogs, now.

And why not?!!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl! I am proud of you. Walking with the dogs sounds like fun. My dog runs ahead of me and chases everything he sees and then forgets he is walking with me. Miss you Tami. Come to aerobics Monday night at 7, it's a work out but not too bad. Josie