Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remind Me

One of my friends finds reminders of God's love in a beautiful rainbow. He says they always appear when he is down and depressed. Then he'll be going along, and there will be a rainbow to remind him that God loves him. Another friend finds the same thing when he finds dimes on the ground. One day he found 6 of them, each at different times of the day. As it happened, he was having a very discouraging day, and each time he found a dime, he felt warmed by this reminder that he was loved. His day got better each time. At least, he didn't feel he was all alone trying to handle it, from then on.

I noticed when both friends talked about it, they got quite excited, and it got me to thinking that these were small gifts that might seem quite ordinary to other people, but my friend really loves rainbows and the other money, and each found inspiration when these ordinary things appeared. The result was they felt they had been kissed by God.

I have my own "kiss from God." I find bird feathers tucked in the grass, or in the garden. This morning, I planned to spread the red mulch in my flower bed, and as I walked up to the flower bed, I had to smile. There was a light grey bird feather on the ground, where I planned to start working. I found one yesterday in my garden, between the tomato cages and the sunflowers. I had walked through there 5 or 6 times and had not seen it until my eyes were stinging from the sweat running down my face and into my eyes. It wasn't laying there until I was really needing it. Then, voila! Last year, I found 3 feathers. I had goosebumps, for it was the day after we had to have our beloved dog put to sleep.

I guess this could sound a little lame to some, or coincidental at best, but these things get me through the day, and never fail to help me to focus on something bigger than me and my petty little things that could discourage or pull me down. I am reminded He is always with me. Each time, I feel warm with thanks to the Lord, for inhabiting my life. My heart feels full, and every morning when I get up, I wonder where I will find my little gifts from God's heart today.

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