Monday, October 13, 2008

She's Arrived!

I am so happy to announce that Sawyer Jane Vrbas was born at 9:59 pm, CT in McCook Community Hospital, to Joe and Sarah Vrbas. Her Daddy reports she has strawberry blonde hair and is chubby. Since he called before she was weighed and measured, I don't have the details, just talked to a very happy daddy. We are very thrilled and relieved mom and baby are doing fine.
We are not going to be able to see her until after work today. Hope she and her Mommy get lots of rest, for we will be there tonight to meet the newest member of our family. It's going to be very hard to keep the mind on work today! My heart is in that hospital! It also means I won't have pictures until then, either.
Congratulations to Joe, Sarah and Peyton. Welcome to the world, Sawyer Jane.

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Josie said...

Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa!

Can't wait to see her, I bet that hair is curly!